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What Makes Mint Financial Planning So Unique?

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At Mint Financial Planning, we have a clear vision about what Financial Planning should look like. Everything we do is about YOU. It’s about your whole life – not just about your money. That’s why we are privately owned, and our advice is always based on what is best for you. We treat you as an individual and give you the time and environment to explore what is important to you.

Our Advisers are qualified and have experience and technical expertise to ensure that the correct financial architecture is put in place for every client. We base your financial plan around life goals and ambitions. We believe it’s not just about here and now. It’s a dynamic process and we are committed to our relationship long term.

Financial Planning is our passion, we live and breathe it. Our Clients are our priority and our existence!  Read more…

blue finalFor us, our ongoing working relationship with our clients is at the core of our service. Our ‘Lifetime’ approach to financial planning means having an understanding of all aspects of your current and future situation so that we can guide, inform and advise you to ensure that you make the best use of your resources in line with your own short, medium and longer term plans.

Why are we different? Everyone deserves to live the fullest life they can. That means securing your future so that you can then focus on achieving all your dreams while you can enjoy them. We don’t want you to work too long, and we don’t want you to provide a legacy after you’re gone – we’d rather you saw the benefits of your assets now, rather than after your death.

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green finalWe are in the privileged position of being paid to look after our client’s wealth and future financial security. The advice we provide, and the subsequent decisions that follow have a profound impact on their lives. When you think of it that way, the work we do carries significant responsibility, and this is reflected in the business’ core values. These core values are outlined below:

Trust Family Integrity
Dependability Truth Consistency

purple finalMint Financial is a Partnership with the Principal Partners being Damian Galle, Anthony Galle and Jason Sgro. Together they have in excess of 50 years experience in the Financial Services Industry.

As well as the relationship you will have with your Adviser, you will also have a team of experienced individuals working behind the scenes to ensure that we always deliver the best possible service and consistently excellent advice to our clients.

We believe in the importance of lifelong learning, and we take professional development very seriously. Our experienced Advisers have attained the pinnacle of Financial Planning qualifications and continue to expand their knowledge with additional Investment, Superannuation and Tax qualifications. Read more…

When We Can Help

A trusted, experienced financial adviser is much like a personal trainer, or a mentor, providing you with ongoing expertise, encouragement and guidance to help you achieve those milestones which are most important to you.


What We Do Best

Our job is to “create and protect wealth” of our clients. With our expertise, knowledge and the services we offer we can provide clients with a holistic approach to their financial and lifestyle needs.


Read What Our Clients Say

Trust, professionalism and understanding are just some of the things that our clients like about our service. Below you can read, in their own words, what do they think about us.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Damian and the whole Mint team including Jason as my accountant since 2010. I’m overwhelmed with their management of my financial affairs and the outstanding customer service everyone provides.

Having previously been with another organisation, I can confidently recommend the Mint team to anyone looking for solid & trusted advisers. Where others seem to provide recommendations that suit their business, Mint offer a strategy and suite of products aligned to my needs. Over the last 5 years, including the GFC, they have exceeded my expectations with the returns on my portfolio. Overall Damian & the team are very responsive and commitment to ensuring my short term and long term goals are achieved.

In the years that Damian has been advising us on our financial affairs (since 2006) he has always been thoughtful and insightful with regards to our needs, rather than his own.  His investment suggestions have been sensible and well timed, and even in challenging market conditions Damian has continued to strive to maximise our portfolio’s returns and serve our best interests.  I now think of Damian as much as a friend and our financial adviser who I can turn to for any number of matters and be confident of his understanding and advice.  I fully expect Damian to figure in our personal and business financial needs for many years to come.
Patrick & Karen
Damian we cannot express our gratitude for the amazing work that you and the team have provided us over the past year.  We came to you with a big financial problem and with your expertise patience and understanding you were able to assist us in getting the amazing result that has changed our life and financial future.  We cannot express our gratitude enough for what you have done for our family.  You have restored our belief in financial planners, your commitment to us and the absolute integrity of your dealings with us has been nothing but amazing.  Thank you for everything. We highly recommend you and the team. Thank you!
Josie and Vic

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