Our Approach

We’d like to help you make good decisions about your money so that you can live well for the rest of your life.

For us, our ongoing working relationship with our clients is at the core of our service. Our ‘Lifetime’ approach to financial planning means having an understanding of all aspects of your current and future situation so that we can guide, inform and advise you to ensure that you make the best use of your resources in line with your own short, medium and longer term plans.

Why are we different? Everyone deserves to live the fullest life they can. That means securing your future so that you can then focus on achieving all your dreams while you can enjoy them. We don’t want you to work too long, and we don’t want you to provide a legacy after you’re gone – we’d rather you saw the benefits of your assets now, rather than after your death.

How we deliver you the best outcome:

  • You will have a personalised solution developed to meet your own lifestyle goals, based on our objective analysis with the extensive research and technical support.
  • All aspects of our organisation have been structured towards focusing on our clients and enhancing their relationship with their adviser. This will ensure that each client is receiving advice from the person who best understands their financial situation, needs, objectives and risk profile.
  • To ensure that we maintain our high level of service and advice, we have decided to limit the number of clients per adviser. This will ensure that all clients receive quality proactive advice and the opportunity to participate in new and limited offerings (i.e. share floats, alternative investments etc).
  • The Mint team will be working behind the scenes to ensure that your Adviser can deliver a framework to align, build and protect your wealth and provide innovative and up-to-date advice on taxation, superannuation, investment planning, retirement planning, mortgage planning, portfolio management, insurance and estate planning.
  • Very important to you will be our regular reviews of your progress as your life and market conditions change. You will have available the latest information, education and awareness of changes that may impact on you, with our recommendations. Peace of mind will be yours.
  • You have the comfort that we work for you and that our recommendations are in your best interests as our remuneration is based on a fee you pay us – we then waive or rebate commissions from entry fees. Unlike the standard entry fees and brokerage used by the majority of financial advisers, in most cases our fee is fully tax deductible.
  • To provide financial protection and enhance your wealth, we blend “active” investment providers who focus on positive results not matching the index or benchmark with selected core investments. We can overlay this with our unique “stock watch” program to offer protection and opportunity.
  • We are committed to providing proactive financial advice. By nature investment markets constantly provide investment and taxation savings opportunities to knowledgeable investors. We will buy or sell an investment if mispricing is evident.
  • We have developed strong relationships with a number of stockbrokers and fund managers which ensures that our clients obtain access to special opportunities and limited offers. These relationships, along with the research provided by Australian Financial Group Pty Ltd and purchased from independent companies, present us with the information that is essential when providing financial advice.
  • We look after all the detail, taking away as much of the administrative burden as we can. We provide a comprehensive tailored Reporting and Administration service for investment portfolios that allows clients in most cases to avoid expensive administration platforms.
  • Unfortunately in the Financial Planning industry, many individuals are paying high fees and are not receiving the quality service or advice that they are entitled. This is usually due to the large number of clients that their advisers are trying to service. The “comfort zone” of trail commissions, friendships rather than advice, and the old “all business is good business” theory combine to delude advisers into thinking there is safety in large client bases. We do not accept this as a path towards prosperity for our clients.

Making good decisions will determine whether you live well for the rest of your life.

You must understand that your money’s time horizon is effectively how much longer you live and while it is always possible to be uncomfortable, with a little effort, proper advice, planning and your good actions, you can live very well indeed.